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Imagine a world without milk. No latté, no cappuccino, no croissants. No fresh milk, yoghurt, crème fraiche or butter. No cheese – no mozzarella, brie, pecorino or Stilton, no feta, chèvre, cheddar or Bavarian bleu. No ice cream, no pizza. How could we live a civilized life without milk?

Fortunately, we don't have to.

A global company

DeLaval is a leading supplier of solutions that improve the performance of farms for professional food producers. We support our customers in reducing their environmental footprint while improving food production, profitability and the well-being of the people and animals involved. We offer products, systems and services for all steps of milk production. Our solutions are used by millions of dairy farmers around the globe every day.

DeLaval was founded more than 125 years ago in Sweden, when the visionary Gustaf de Laval patented the cream separator. Today, DeLaval has 4500 employees and operates in more than 100 markets. DeLaval, alongside Tetra Pak and Sidel., is part of the Tetra Laval Group

A full-service supplier to dairy farmers

A full-service supplier to dairy farmers

DeLaval is a full-service supplier to dairy farmers. DeLaval develops, manufactures and distributes equipment and complete systems for milk production and animal husbandry. Service, sales of a wide range of accessories, knowledge sharing and consultancy are also key aspects of our operations.

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