Dairy Advice

Producing quality milk is a complex process and in today’s highly competitive dairy industry, there is little room for error. This section provides you with up-to-date milking information, to support your quality milk production goals.

12 Golden rules12 Golden Rules

1. Monitor udder health regularly
2. Milking order
3. Foremilk cows

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Animal signsAnimal signs

A cow gives signals all the time about her welfare and health. She does this by behaviour, attitude, body language and body condition. You can use these cow signs to optimize your results.

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Buffalo ProductionBuffalo Production

World milk production has doubled in the last few decades. The last few years have also witnessed a consistent increase in the organized production of milk and meat from buffalo.

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Milkproduction.com is a place where people involved in milk production can find information that will help them make better business decisions.

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Smart Farming

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